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Spyro: The eternal night is a new game  released October 9th 2007. In the game, spyro is claimed to have disturbing visions and has to find a way to stop a new villian. Also in the game, an Ape King arrives at the Temple of Souls in an effort to usher in a new age of darkness. You may say it as a continues game of spyro: a new beginning with the returning characters: Spyro, Sparx, Ignitus, Cyril, Terrador, Volteer, and cynder along with the newest villan, Gaul.

All breaths and fury attacks are upgraded and changed in this game. Spyro has new fighting abilities including comet dash, artic blast, earth pound and electric spin with new breath abilities such as earth vine, ice bomb, electric orb, and enhanced fire. The best new move is dragon time witch allows spyro to bend time to his will and to out maneuver enemies, or to solve tricky time-based environmental puzzles.

Unleash Dark spyro
Half of your fight with Gaul involves Dark spyro. Beat all of five dragon challenges under the extras and play him through out the game. With this you are able to switch from spyro, to dark spyro. Dark spyro is a black version of spyro with glowing eyes!


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