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Spyro: The eternal night help (ps2)

Boss help:
Arborick: Continue to move left and right continuesly firing fire balls. When he gets ready to punch, use your dragon time to get out of the way quickly! Try to aim for every part of his body to lit him! When he spins, use your dragon time and continue to fire. Do the same for second health bar which is actually easier, when he climbs up on the cliff.
Scabb fight 1: for his first health bar, keeping moving around to avoid being hit and when his hand gets stuck, use dragon time and fight him. For his second health bar do the same for when his gun gets jammed.
Scabb fight 2: Avoid the cannon bombs and continue to attack him. (ignore the soldiers that fight you too they die on their own) when you need health, go for the dead soldier's gems. Scabb is easily beaten with this strategy!
element spirits: Use your elemental abilities (Fire, ice bomb, earth flail and electric orb) to fight your enemies. Easy fight!
Elemeantal dragon: Whenever the dragon swithces color, switch to that breath qickly and use it against it! flashing yellow: Electricity Orange: Fire Blue: Ice Green: Earth
Gaul first fught: Avoid him. When he jumps, jump! When his swords get stuck on the fith jump, use dragon time and attack him as much as you can before he teleports away!
Gaul with dark spyro: IF you die, you must restart the fight all over again so don't die! Continue to use your primary element attack on him and don't try to fight him when he starts twirling, (Believe me, I've tried to do that!) It just helps!
Now your done!

Other help:
When you get to the mountain fortress, there are hallways with search lights, without dragon time it's impossible! Use your dragon time and charge to beat them.
Another time at the mountain fortress, when you fight the enemies and they continue to come back, use abilities that get a lot of enemies at once. If you need health, fly down to the platform with crystals, then get back in the fight! If you can, only use your fury attack when those crystals re gone and you're desperate for health!

Dark spyro:
To unlock dark spyro, comeplete the game and comeplete the five dragon challenges. Note this: For the GBA, dragon challenges are not needed to unlock Dark spyro!

Game story:
Spyro must find out the secrets and meaning behind a series of visions to defeat his newest enemy, Gaul, the ape king who travels to the temple of sould to usher in a new age of darkness.




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