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These are spyro trivia quizes. They are sperated into three catergories, easy, med. and hard. This a very good way to get smarter about spyro!
Easy- spyro a new beginning:
1. Who's family found and adopted spyro as an egg?
2. Where did spyro meet ignitus?
3. Who from the dragonfly family tagged along with spyro on his dangerous journey?
4. How many dragons dose spyro meet on his journey?
5. How dose the adventure end?


Easy- spyro himself and the legend
1. When one purple dragon is born, in how many years will the next be born?
2. What is spyro's destiny? (Spyro: the eternal night - not expected to be answered correctly)
3. What are all the breaths that spyro learns? (A new beginning)
4. Can purple dragons handle every situation if they tried to?
5. Can purple draons harness every ability?

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Do you have a trivia quiz that you would like to add? Just follow these steps:
1. Creat a quiz containing five questions in notepad, or microsoft word.
2. Send it along to with answeres, your name, email address, and be patient for a response.
3. After approving it in the response, wait.
4. It will finally be added. You will recieve a letter filled with important questions that need to be answered.
5. Done!




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