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If you have any information, pictures, videos or any purple dragon legend information, please send it to including your name, email address and any information. Thank you!

News update!


The most recent news of the upcoming spyro movie tells us that the release date is Christmas of 2009 and it will be in 3D. Synophis: A very special dragon's egg is being guarded by Ignitus. However, it's being hunted and is no longer safe. Ignitus hands the precious egg over to a woodland full of dragonflies to keep. Knowing these creatures are peaceful and more importantly, hard to find, Ignitus calls on an allegiance from their distant ancestry. The dragonflies protect the egg and raise it as their own. Brought up alongside sparx, spyro is led to believe that he himself is a dragonfly who just happens to be slightly bigger and purpler than the other dragonflies. Until.... one day the village is attacked and spyro has been found. Instinctively using his unkown powers, spyro realizes just how different he is. Confused and upset, he learns that he is not a dragonfly, but a dragon who carries the role of being part of a great prophecy that will bring peace to all the land. Spyro, along with his trusty sidekick, pursue this epic adventure and attempt the impossible, the demise of the dark master. However, between them stands cynder, a very powerful black dragon powered by the red crystal around her neck, which enslaves her to the dark master. Eventually though, good prevail over evil and spyro manages to overcome cynders' powers and destroy the red crystal. The destruction of the crystal releases all the dead from the dark master's enslavement and everyone rejoices. All seems well, as spyro becomes a hero for saving all of dragonkind. However, lurking in the far distance we spy a swirl of clouds, and inside of it, two pulsing red eyes. The story continues...

You can register for spyro's lair and create your own dragon, chat with others, and play free games. The site is seperated into two parts or websites, for the eternal night and dawn of the dragon. Dragons from the old style site:





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