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The legend

For those who haven't heard of the legend, this is a great page to start learning! The legend is expained is all of the spyro games, especially in Spyro: A New Beginning. Anyway, let's continue.
The facts:
  • A purple dragon is born every ten generations
  • The purple dragon can harness abilities that others cannot, including time itself.
  • Purple dragons harness the abilities of the elements, Ice, Fire, Earth, and Electricity.
  • Purple dragons are so powerful, they can handle almost every attack against an enemy.

For those who have never heard of spyro, learn from this passage. The story of spyro throghout all of the games.
WARNING: May spoil parts of spyro games!
Story (part 1 of 2):
     The dragons lived peacully in the dragon realms, until one day the purple dragon's egg was laid. Word spread, but eventually went too far. Word got to malefor,  the dark master. Gaul, his faithful assistant, gathered some soldiers, and the day spyro's birth was due, they raided the temple and the eggs. Fortunately, ignitus rescued spyro's egg, but the others weren't so lucky. They smashed all the eggs... except for the one. The one born in the year of the dragon who could open the portal that released the dark master from his prison.
    They took one black egg from the temple that night. When the dragon hatched, she was poisoned and corrupted by the dark master's power. They named her... cynder.
     The egg ignitus saved was sent down the silver river, and it lead into the forests. As it rested on a distant shore, a group of dragonflies gathered around it, wondering was could possibly live inside. They didn't have to wonder for long. That day, spyro hatched from his egg. His new parents raised him as one of his own, alongside his brother, sparx, who was born the exact same day.
     They grew up together as best friends.
     But as time passed, things weren't looking too good for the dragon elders. They fought the dark armies all over the armies, and were doing quite well. That is, until cynder came. She snatched away each guardian one by one, except ignitus. He fled, and hid in a distant cave by the grove spyro lived at.
     One day, as spyro and sparx were at a game of tag, they ventured too far from home, and sparx was snatched by a dark army soldier. Angry, spyro found his ability to breath fire. That's where it all began. Spyro won the battle and freed sparx. They then told their dragonfly parents all about it.
     The dragonfly couple had no choice but to tell him the truth. He learned that night, that he was not actually a dragonfly, but an exile from an unkown distant land. "Where wars rage on and on, and innocence seems to pay the price."
     That night, he and sparx set out to find spyro's true home. But they encountered more then they wanted to. Cynder. Right above them, they ran into nearby caves. That was where ignitus and spyro met, again for the very first time.
     Spyro learned his true destiny, where he came from, what he was, and his past.
     He understood he would have to defeat cynder eventually. So, he had ignitus take him to his old home, and there he practiced controlling his new ability, fire.
     He was then taught to fly.
     He set out to free the guardian of electricity, Volteer, who was kept captive at dante's freezer. He followed the trail, and destroyed every enemy in his path. But he soon came upon a dilema. An electric tower was kept there, keeping him from continuing. Not knowing this, he ventured too close and was electrified. Luckly, he was not hurt. As too enemies ran to him, he let out a blast of his new elemental ability, electricity.
     Eventually, he came accross a cave. Where volteer was frozen. Before he rescue volteer, the ice king awoke and there spyro had his first boss fight. After he freed volteer, he was braught back to the temple and given lessons for his new electric ability.
     He then set off for the tall  plains, where cyril was kept. There, he met the tribe leader. The leader said he didn't need help, but spyro followed him just in case.
     He soon found him at a waterfall, surrounded. He then fell into the waterfall and was nocked unconsious. Stuck with no other option, spyro used his anger, to learn his third element, ice, and froze the waterfall. There the leader of the tribe awoke and ran off. Of course, spyro had to follow.
     He then found the leader again, who was surprised to find out spyro wanted to free his dragon friend. He gave spyro warning and advice and direction. Spyro then went on to free cyril from the stone sentinel.
     Back at the temple was where spyro learned to control his new ice ability.
     He then sent on to free terrador. He was guided through this island by a couple of blind, well I don't know what to call them, but they were a group who were blind. During his way, he found another dilema. An ancient bell hung in a cave, and of course, sparx dared him to ring it. As spyro did, it collapsed and trapped spyro inside.
     Spyro gathered his anger, and gave a stronge blast of earth, smashing through the bell. Soon after thsat, he won the battle against steam and freed terrador as his elemental ability was being gathered in a crystal by cynder.
    Cynder came after the fight and took the crystal and tryed to flee. Terrador tried to stop her, but was nocked in the face by the sharp dagger on her tail and was thrown down. She then went after spyro, who had to fly as fast as he could to escape her grip.
    Almost in her jaws, ingnitus pounded into cynder, and began to fight her. They bit and scratched, ignitus was able to bring her to earth, but he was caught.
    Spyro followed terrador back to the temple in guilt. After he finished his earth lesson, he was sent to cynder's lair, a castle. He fought everything in his path to get there.
    Soon enough, he was faced against cynder's body guard, the electric king, kind of like the ice king. Easy enough, he was probably spyro's easiest challenge. He eased past him and went on deeper into her lair.
    Eventually, he came upon ignitus, who was kept to the wall by the crystal's force sucking his power.
    As spyro was about to free him, cynder once again stopped him. Spyro was faced with his hardest challenge yet, (compared as easy to his future challenges) cynder.
    As she fled with the crystal, spyro noticed something familiar about her eyes. He explained this to ignitus, who explained they were almost like brother and sister, and how she had been corrupted.
    Spyro was also, for the first time, told about the dark master, without very much detail. Then spyro followed cynder to the portal of convexity, where he had fight cynder yet again. This time, she was released from her evil shadowy form and brought back to her original form.
     As the portal began to open, everything was beginning to be sucked inside, even cynder. Spyro flew in after her, grabbed her, and brought her out. He flew with her back to the temple. He was proud of this even though he lost his elemental abilities in their battle against one another.




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