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Summary of game, (story based on game)
  As ignitus, the fire guarding went through the temple to look at the eggs, he thinks about what was soon to happen. The word had spread round that the purple dragon's egg had been layed, the dark armies wanted to find it, and destroy it. They wanted to free the dark master. And to do that, they needed to kill the purple dragon. When they attacked the temple, ignitus snooke out secretly with the egg, hopeing this would give him a chance of surviving. He flew down to the silver river. he found a mushroon top and layed the egg on it. He pushed it out and watched it slowly drift away. "May the ancestors be with you and keep you safe." He flew back to the temple to try and save the others as well, but he was too late. The other guardians had passed out and the soldiers had smashed all the eggs. Ignitus knew he didn't have a chance so he pretended to pass out. The soldiers soon left with one egg untoched, a black one. The dark master needed one dragon to open the portal that would later on, free him.

   The purple egg continued to drift down the river. It eventually landed in a distand swamp, where a family of dragonflies gathered round. They wondered what lived inside the egg, but they didn't have to wonder for long.
   A purple dragon soon hatched out of the egg, and they named him Spyro. And he grew up along side Sparx, a younge dragonfly who was born the same day.

   (We continue the story at a day when the two brothers were playing a game of tag.)
   Spyro: "One...Two...Three! Here I come!"
   Sparx: "Can't catch me this time, purple boy!"
   Spyro: "Yeah you better run!"
   After a few minutes of spyro chasing sparx, sparx found an alligater skull and flew into it.
   Spyro: "Hey, that's cheating! We're not aloud in there!"
   But anyways, Spyro followed Sparx into the tunnel where he knew they weren't allowed.
   After running through the tunnel, they reached outside. But in a few moments, an ape (dark army soldier) had captured sparx. Before spyro could catch up to them, they jumped up on a cliff.




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