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Easy- spyro a new beginning:
1. Who's family found and adopted spyro as an egg? - Sparx's dragonfly family
2. Where did spyro meet ignitus? - in a cave
3. Who from the dragonfly family tagged along with spyro on his dangerous journey? - sparx
4. How many dragons dose spyro meet on his journey? - five(5)
5. How dose the adventure end? - Spyro finds out the true story and saves cynder from the portal of convexity after fighting her. He is applaued and respected with gratitude.

Easy- spyro himself and the legend
1. When one purple dragon is born, in how many years will the next be born? - 10,000
2. What is spyro's destiny? (Spyro: the eternal night - not expected to be answered correctly) - " harness the abilties of the elements..."
3. What are all the breaths that spyro learns? (A new beginning) - Fire, earth, ice, electricity
4. Can purple dragons handle every situation if they tried to? - YEs, of course
5. Can purple draons harness all abilities? - Yes, absoulutly!

Hard - spyro - Spyro's past
1. What was the name of the river that spyro's egg what was sent down? - The silver river
2. Why did sparx's parents lie to spyro instead of telling him the truth? - They had no idea what he was, or that he was legendary. They wanted to keep him safe from the wars that went on at his homelands.
3. How old was spyro when he found his true home? - A few months old
4. What was the reason why spyro brought sparx on his journey? - Sparx his his very best friend. Also, he would hate to leave his pal behind.
5. Why is sparx spyro's BEST friend? - Sparx is his brother, he is his only sibling, according to the dragonflies. Also, he's been there with spyro bringing humar to every situation, and also being a helpful friend.

Easy - Spyro games
1. What was the name of the first spyro game? Spyro: The dragon
2. When was the first spyro game made? 1998
3. How many different spyro games are there? 15
4. Who is the one in every spyro game BESIDES spyro? sparx




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